Foster Financial Services Inc. is a leading provider of financial services. Poulsbo, Washington-based James A. Foster and Linda O. Foster are passionate about helping people from all walks of life to achieve financial security in the midst of today’s uncertain economy, and they have the tools needed to get the job done.

Retirement Planning

Linda Foster can help clients to keep from making critical mistakes during the retirement planning process. One common major mistake is a failure to diversify–also known as putting all of one’s eggs in one basket. People will only achieve reliable returns if they practice diversification in their retirement portfolios. Linda O. Foster can assist clients with placing their money in different investment instruments; for instance, some portions need to go to fixed-income assets, while others need to go to equities.

Estate Planning

Failure to create an estate plan can result in financial problems for one’s loved ones, including hefty estate taxes, which is why Foster Financial Services Inc. is dedicated to helping clients to create effective estate plans. Comprehensive preparation is necessary no matter how large or small an individual’s estate is. Estate planning involves many essential tasks and components, including developing a will and assigning a guardian for any living dependents. Clients may also manage estate taxes through setting up trusts for their beneficiaries. Linda O. Foster can help clients in each of these areas.

Employee Benefits

Foster Financial Services Inc. additionally works with federal employees civilians and military, both young and old, in helping them to understand their benefits and how to make retirement a smooth transition. The company prides itself on offering low-cost tax-advantaged investments along with helpful financial planning guidance to clients, all with the goal of helping more people to retire comfortably and to feel confident that even when they die, their loved ones’ needs will be met down the road.